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AM Speaker


Deane Olmsted
Amphenol Broadband Solutions
Training and Development Manager


Overview of Deane’s presentation


  • Reasons why we bond and ground
  • What can happen if we do not?
  • Proper ways to bond and ground
  • How to test if it is correct and doing its job
  • Electrical safety on the drop
  • Why there is or should be a small amount of current on a properly bonded drop
  • How to measure it
  • How to properly use your personal protective equipment
  • How to safely deal with it
  • Causes of cable energization and what to look for
  • In the end I electrocute and hotdog and a pickle to show the effects voltage has on the human body


PM Speaker


Steve Bristol

Charter Communications

ISP Engineer III


Overview of Steve’s presentation


  • Covering WDM Technologies
  • Overviewing the process of Muxing
  • Going over Optical Passives




Date: February 19th 2020

Time: 9AM Start time

Location: Soaring Eagle Casino, 6800 Soaring Eagle Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858